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What kind of topics should be created?
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AOC trade community

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Ashes of creation forum is made for creating connections with players arround the globe for the upcoming mmorpg Ashes of Creation. The purpose of this forum is to share knowledge, make deal to trade items, find new friends and to create a big community

Anything you need to know about Ashes of creation can be found here.

The community

We allow our users to create topics, polls, private messaging but most important do value checks on certain items. wants to generate new players for Ashes of Creating by letting the community share their knowledge about the game. This it is easier for new players to start and making the right decisions as the play.

What is Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation is a one of the most biggest MMORPG to be released. The game structure is dynamic, and responses to your commands. The world can be shaped as you wish, empires can fall or rise you are in control. Missions will be available when populations grow and they will seek your help . The world will have seasons like Winter, summer, spring and more and these will change depending on the current date, everything what has been build can be destroyed and the other way arround.

credit: Intrepid Studios
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